Richard Clifton-Dey


This is an original pencil sketch by British artist Richard Clifton-Dey, prepared in advance of completing the final painting used on the cover of the book published by NEL (New English Library) in 1974. Interestingly, the artist has titled the sketch "The Master Mind of Mars" however the book it was used for was LLANA.  The artwork is an original pencil drawing, 8,25" x 5" on tracing paper mounted on heavier watercolor paper, with provenance provided by the artist's estate, on the back. As mentioned, notation at the top is not for this title, and there is also the additional note by the artist "orange (gr)" in the top area indicating the colors to be used, and the final art was mainly orange background and green.

Richard Clifton-Dey, died in 1997. 

Clifton-Dey was one of the most highly-respected of British illustrators during the 1970s and into the 1980s, and much of his work was for book covers, either for science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure war books, romances, or gothic horror (with some interesting forays into advertising) . Along with other well-known artists of his day (Jim Burns, Chris Foss and others), his work was featured in 'Heroic Dreams' (Paper Tiger UK 1987)

Clifton-Dey originals span the breadth of this artist's successful multi-genre career: historical, romance, adventure, advertising, science fiction, westerns and more.


A different sketch, from the Swords of Mars New English Library edition: